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Pedal Powered Electronic Waste Recycling Machine

Bicyclean recycling electronic waste“The bicyclean is a safe, affordable, and efficient alternative for
harvesting electronic waste in developing regions. The bicyclean is a
modified bicycle, where a processing chamber replaces the rear wheel and
an external steel frame supports the rear hub. Processing of the
circuit boards occurs within the sealed chamber and the particles are
removed in a covered tray. A feed tube presses circuit board pieces into
a large grinding wheel and become pulverized.”

“The particles pass a
magnet that extracts ferrous metal particles. The particles then flow
over a small eddy current rotor, which is positioned underneath the
grinding wheel and powered by a 3:1 gear ratio with the bicycle chain.
The changing magnetic fields of the eddy current rotor repulse
conducting metal, but have no effect on non-metals; the metal particles
are projected horizontally while the nonmetals fall vertically,
separating particles in the bottom collection tray. The bicyclean
requires a single operator.”

Read more: Bicyclean. Via Co.EXIST.